Planning A Trip To Iceland?

Perhaps one of the most important considerations when traveling to another country is language. Making yourself understood by others in the country you plan to visit is key to getting the most out of your trip.

Iceland’s national language is “Icelandic” but even so, English speaking people who visit this part of the world should have no communication problems.

The study of English, and many Scandinavian languages, is mandatory for students of that land as well as German, Spanish, or French, which may not be compulsory but are still frequently studied.

Travel Within Iceland

You may need a ride to see farther sights, not everything will be walking distance from your lodgings. There are several rental agencies to choose from but look around and check out the best car rental Iceland for car rentals. They keep 24/7 hours, so your schedule needn’t be timed according to anyone’s needs but your own. 

Iceland car rental

Best clothing for Iceland

What you pack is something else that can make the difference between pure enjoyment or the endless frustration of dealing with a climate you are not dressed for. It can be tough to decide what to take on a trip to Iceland because with all the weather conditions, it’s possible to experience in a single day there. Sunshine to wet winds is not uncommon and the last thing you want is to experience that kind of cold without protection. You will definitely need a waterproof jacket or coat (depending on when you go) and make sure you bring comfortable footwear. 

Iceland clothing help

You may already own everything you need to take, but some are just more practical to buy when you get there, especially boots that add so much extra weight to your luggage. Other things you will need for comfort may be considered souvenirs once you get them home and don’t need them anymore, such as an Icelandic jumpsuit. They are a bit expensive because most are hand-made but so worth it for the warmth they provide. One thing you can count on is when you see Icelandic citizens all dressed in mostly the same fashion, such as these jumpsuits, you can be sure there is a reason for it.

Travel Insurance for Iceland

You may never need to make a claim but traveling for any length of time without insurance is considered risky. Keep in mind not all travel protection policies are as straightforward as they could be. This is an area where caution can’t be stressed enough, do your research before obligating yourself to one company or another. It might be costly but considering the peace of mind it can bring what you pay is more than worth it. Unexpected situations could crop up at any time during your visit and you don’t want to get caught unprepared to deal with them.

Iceland activities

What to see in Iceland

Yes, you will see amazing, natural ice formations and glaciers in plenty but there is more to Iceland than freezing temperatures and thermal underwear. People have traveled thousands of miles for a glimpse of the famous northern lights seen on this beautiful island nation and that’s just the beginning of what you can find there. It would take many pages to describe everything you can expect to find in such a wondrous country so only three of the most popular are mentioned here.

  • Blue Lagoon Spa – The silica and sulfur-rich waters of this lagoon are believed to be a natural wonder because of the age-defying, healing properties people experience swimming through it. Geothermal crystal-blue waters are kept at a steady 98 to 102 throughout the year. Imagine soaking in these warm waters with snow on the ground and there you are, warm as toast. It’s incredible.
  • Glacier Tours – You could take off on your own to see some of these natural wonders but then you risk missing the best of them. There’s nothing wrong with a little private exploration but don’t leave the country without taking at least one tour with a local guide who knows exactly where to take you and your camera.
  • The Elf School – You might be surprised to learn that according to a survey done in 2006, almost 40% of Icelanders believe there is a strong possibility that elves may actually exist. Real or not, they are a large enough part of Icelandic culture that a visit to the Elf School is worth adding to your list of things to see and do.

Iceland glacier tours

This article shouldn’t end before the Harpa is mentioned. When you are ready for indoor entertainment the Harpa concert hall and conference center is where you will find some of the best Iceland has to offer. It’s glass block exterior and the way it glitters is meant to mimic the way glaciers react to sunlight and it would be a real shame to leave Iceland without seeing this amazing building. Home to the symphony orchestra, opera, and an annual music festival, leaving this stop off your list would be a real shame.

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