Road Trip ideas for any time of year

There’s no better feeling than leaving the rat race behind and deciding you want to live wherever life takes you is there? You can hop around the globe whilst doing and seeing it all. Something not to be missed on your break from it all is the feeling of exploring the world on four wheels.

To give you plenty of inspiration we’re going to take a look at some of the cannot miss road trips that are out there in the latest travel book from the bright sparks at Kwik Fit. You can download their eBook on the best road trip destinations here.

The Ring of Kerry: Ireland’s Finest  

Set foot on the emerald island and explore everything that Eire has to offer with this stunning circuit. You’ll take in everything from rolling high passes to coastal paths where you can set up camp on the beach overnight if that’s what takes your fancy.

Ring of Kerry

The great thing about this route is that it’s also stunning out of season when the tourists have packed up and gone home. Take the time to plan when you want to go and you’ll be in for a real treat once you get the car in gear and set out on your travels. 

Trollstigen: The Norwegian Colossus 

The beauty of Norway can’t be overstated for those of you who are yet to set eyes on it. The landscape ebbs and flows and offers far more than just the fjords that this stunning part of the world is known for. The 10 degree average incline and 11 edge of your seat switchbacks are ideal for letting your hair down as you cruise with your foot down.

Make sure to spend a few hours new the Stigfossen Waterfall so that you can enjoy the mesmerising sound of a 1,000 metre waterfall up close and personal. Truly something not to be missed. 

Route One: Iceland’s Number One 

Iceland is one of those European hidden treasures that the tourists are only just learning about but the seasoned travellers have enjoyed for decades. The best thing about Route One is that in just a few miles you can experience a whole host of things that are central to Icelandic culture.

Route one Iceland

Whale hunting along the coast, erupting geysers, and even the Northern Lights are all on offer on this must not miss corner of Europe. It would be my personal favourite if it weren’t for this next one…

Spoleto to Norcia: A Taste of Italy 

Italy is known for far more than beautiful food and drink, but that’s a big reason why this route has to be my personal favourite from the eBook. Your journey begins up in the hills of Spoleto as you sample olives from plantations that have grown there for centuries.

Spoleto to Norcia

You’ll wind your way through all manner of countryside and picturesque scenes that my words simply can’t do them justice. Finishing things off is a stunning view of the Sibillini Mountains. This view alone makes Spoleto to Norcia my personal favourite and I can’t wait to hear what you made of it. 


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