Soak It Up: Travel Activities Which Let Your Bask In The Sun

Most people want to pack their vacation with as much action as possible. It can feel like you’ve wasted your break if you don’t take advantage of every moment you have, and a lot of people end up regretting the time they spend away when they use most of it for lounging in the sun. Of course, though, the sunshine is another one of the reasons you’ve decided to go away. To give you the chance to make the most of both sides of this, this post will be exploring some of the best activities for those who want to bask in the sun while also making the most of their adventure, giving you the chance to turn this around.


While it is often seen as a fitness tool, something like cycling can be a great way to give yourself the chance to see the places you’re visiting. Unlike being inside a car, cycling positions you high in the air, while also leaving your vision unimpaired, making it much easier to see the landscapes around you. Along with this, a lot of countries are very flat. This makes it possible to enjoy the sunshine without getting exhausted. Of course, you will need to be reasonably fit for this to work out, as cycling isn’t the same as sitting down or walking, but this shouldn’t deter you from giving it a try on your next break.


A lot of people view things like fishing as boring, but this activity can be just as exciting as anything else you do on vacation. Spending time at see is something which few people get the chance to do in the modern world, with boats costing a small fortune, and this makes the mere act of going out onto the ocean into something fun. There are loads of companies out there that offer experiences like sailfishing, giving you an opportunity to catch local fish which you might not be able to see in other parts of the world. There are few things nicer than kicking back on a boat with a cold drink in hand and the sun over head, though a lot of people never give themselves the chance to experience this.


Like fishing, golf is often viewed wrongly by the masses, and this sport can be very satisfying when you’re playing in the right place. Most countries have at least one golf course on offer, making it nice and easy to get yourself into places like this. Of course, though, you need to choose one which doesn’t have much shade. This can be a great way to give yourself the chance to bask in the sun, while also ensuring that you’re doing something active. Some of the world’s best golf courses are surrounded by beautiful scenery. Not only will this make it easier to soak up the country you’re in, but it will also give you the chance to make more of your break.


Most people end up taking at least a handful of snaps when they are on vacation, and it’s common to see people’s photos on social media from their time abroad. Of course, though, there is a big difference between taking snaps and getting into photography. For example, most normal people won’t take a tripod with them, and very few will take the time to get the perfect shots of each location they visit. Achieving this goal can be easier than you might expect, though, and you can often find groups of people with similar aims when you’re sightseeing. Spending an afternoon taking snaps in the sun can be a glorious way to use your break.


This next option probably won’t appeal to everyone, but is still worthy of a solid place on this list. Yoga has long been enjoyed across the world, and is one of the most common activities you’ll find in modern gyms. While this gives you the chance to tone your muscles, work on balance, and make yourself a little bit fitter, it also enables you to bask in the warm sun. Vacation locations are usually packed to the brim with options like this, giving you a great opportunity to enjoy it with other people. Of course, though, you could also take your own mat and enjoy this on your own.

Outdoor Events

Festivals, outdoor markets, and a range of other events can be found outside when you’re on vacation. Making the most of the sun, businesses in these places know that they can draw people in when they are out in the open, and this gives you an excellent chance to take advantage of them. Festivals are one of the best options for this, giving you an opportunity to embrace performing arts like music and dance. Likewise, though, other local events can give you other ways to get more out of your vacation.

Long Walks

A lot of people take their vacations as if they are going away with relaxation as their only goal. In a lot of cases, though, this can leave you doing barely anything with your time away. Long walks are a simple way to solve this problem, as they give you the chance to get out and about when you’d usually be stuck doing nothing. You can walk in sunny areas, giving you the chance to bask a little, while also giving yourself the opportunity to see loads of interesting things. Of course, though, you will need some shoes which are cut out for the job. The locals in your vacation spot will be happy to help you to find places which are good for walking.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on the challenge of soaking up the sun without having a boring vacation. A lot of people struggle with this, finding it hard to now what needs to be done when they’re trying to improve their break. When you work towards doing things you enjoy, though, it should be easy to spend your whole break in the sun without wasting it.

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