Three Reasons To Take Your Family Camping

As parents, all we really want to do is instil our values in our children. The world seems to be an increasingly technology filled place – and while that’s great in many ways, it’s less great in others. We can contact friends on the other side of the world at the click of a button, we can learn things that we never used to be able to dream of, but at the same time we need to focus on the simple beauty of the natural world as well so that we can keep living our highflying lives while quietly supported by this green planet that we should love. Introducing your kids to nature at a young age will help them to understand the importance of it, of fighting against climate change, of being kind and gentle towards animals, of respecting natural habitats that they should love, of seeing the miracles contained within the natural world. Going camping with them will help to reinforce this love of nature much more than any book or statistics could ever do.

Get Back To Basics

It’s important to remember that at times we should ditch the affectations of our everyday life and focus on what really matters. A lot of us spend a lot of time considering our appearances, the state of our hair, what exactly to do about our dull and lifeless skin in winter (does your skin really look that bad? I thought not!). We also spend a lot of time worrying about our jobs, about politics, about what our friends think of us and our choices. Going camping helps you to get down with the world, to get your hands dirty and earthy, it helps to show your kids how to do things like make a fire, to rely on themselves in the outdoors – click here for more information on equipment that you should take out camping with you. It reduces your life to how you’re going to make dinner, to the quietness of going fishing and waiting for one to bite, to seeing the brightness of the stars in the night sky away from the city’s light pollution. It helps to remind you of the stillness and quietness at the heart of life.

Encourage Family Bonding Time

A lot of vacations can be frenetic, busy times – city trips, shopping, sightseeing tours – but if you want to relax and spend time together as a family then there’s no better way to do that than camping. Admittedly if you spend a lot of time together in small spaces then there might be a few minor disagreements among your kids (I think we all know that’s an understatement!) but at the same time you’ll have time to talk to each other about what really matters, to play board games at night, to tell stories and to really listen to each other. In the evenings you probably find that you’re so absorbed in chores and getting ready for the next day that you don’t have much time to really talk to your kids about what’s going on in their lives. Going camping together will help you with that.

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