Top 7 Tours to Take While in Rome, Italy

Rome is the capital city of Italy. It has a deep history that dates centuries ago. Coupled with its ancient structures, Rome has risen to become one of the top tourist attractions.

There are very many options for tours you could choose from while in Italy. It is, therefore, a very overwhelming task to select the top tours to take while in Italy. Consequently, guidance is key so that you make no mistakes.

Keep reading to learn more about the top tours to take while in Italy.

A Tour to The Vatican

This is a must go while in Rome. A tour to the Vatican will expose you to the deep history of the Christian faith. It is in the Vatican that you will get to visit the holiest Christian shrine known as the St Peters basilica.

The Vatican is also home to the Sistine Chapel. The Sistine Chapel is in the Apostolic Palace which is the official residence of the Pope. Within the Vatican City, you will also find the Vatican Museums. In those Vatican museums, you will get to see the world’s most famous Roman sculptures and Renaissance art.

If you are thinking about going for Vatican tours, it is also imperative to be armed with the top tips for visiting the Vatican. For instance, it is important to know which is the best time for visiting the Vatican.

Borghese Gallery Tours

This is one of the best tours in Rome. If you have an interest in art particularly, Galleria Borghese is the place to go. There are very many reasons that should make you want to visit Galleria Borghese. For example, Galleria Borghese is home to some of the best collections of art in the world, including sculptures, painting, and architectures.

It is also only in Borghese Galleria where you will get a chance of viewing the works of the best artworks of Caravaggio and Bernini. You will also be able to view the art in the gallery up close since at Galleria Borghese, not more than three hundred and sixty people are allowed at ago. This gallery also has stunning parks that will enhance your Rome experience.

Roman Catacomb Tours

A catacomb is a network of tunnels found underground that were used in the ancient times to bury the dead. In ancient Rome, cremation, as well as burying of people in graveyards, was prohibited.

You could be wondering why you need to visit catacombs since some people view these places as gory or gruesome. Getting to see some of the early Christian art is one compelling reason that makes people visit these catacombs.

Catacombs also present you with an excellent chance to unravel some of the deep Christian mysteries. One of the examples of these Roman Catacombs is the catacombs of St Callixtus, which is the largest of all the catacombs.

Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill Tours

If you want a real feel of the history of ancient Rome, these are the best places to visit. By visiting the Colosseum, for instance, you will be able to appreciate the architectural prowess of the ancient Romans. This beautiful oval amphitheater had a capacity of approximately eighty thousand people and will remind you about Roman emperors, battles as well as gladiators.

The Roman forum which is located next to the Colosseum housed most of the government buildings of the ancient Roman Empire. You will understand the intricacies of the Roman rule first hand. On the other hand, the Palatine hills are a vantage place position for one to have a perfect view of the entire ancient Roman Empire. The palatine hills epitomize the best of Rome.

Rome Food Tours

The delicious Italian delicacies should also make you want to visit Rome. Italian food is known for its regional variations. Most of the Italian delicacies are also made from fresh local produce.

One of those delicacies that should make you want to visit Rome is suppli. In the old days, suppli was the king of street food in Rome. Suppli is fried rice balls that contain oozing cheese or ragu in the inside. Visit Rome today to have a taste of these delicacies. There are very many restaurants in Rome where you can find these Italian delicacies.

A Tour to The Neighborhoods of Rome

The neighborhoods of Rome also present excellent locations to go for a tour. Each of these neighborhoods has a unique history and are a good learning point about the Romans.

Pingeton is one of the examples of such neighborhoods. This neighborhood is defined by beautiful graffiti on roads and well-built architecture. Other examples of such areas include Trastevere, Ostiense, Testaccio as well as San Lorenzo. A tour to the neighborhoods are the best guided tours in Rome.

Rome Walking Tours

By walking through the city, you will get the chance to feel the city, its ancient past and its evolution over the years. The best walking tour in Rome is that which is taken in small groups. Some of the places you need to go to in your walk include the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, and the Piazza Navona. The benefit associated with taking a walking tour is that you can ask a lot of questions to your guide.

It is paramount that one wears comfortable clothing as you go for the walking tour. Comfort is key to ensure that you enjoy your tour to the maximum. Carrying water along can also be an added advantage.

Conclusion on Top Tours to Take While in Rome Italy

Rome tours could present several challenges, particularly when it comes to planning. Also, very many people come to Rome but fail to appreciate the significance that those tour sites have to the welfare of the world at large. To deal with such challenges, it is imperative that one does consider taking the guided Rome tours.

Getting the services of a Rome tour guide has very many benefits. One such benefit is that you get the services of a local guide who is well versed with the city. Getting expert advice is one of the other gains that is associated with the guided tours. While visiting Rome, worry not about where you are going to stay. Rome is home to some of the world’s best hotels.

It is also very important that you also select the best Rome tours base on the budget that you have. There are numerous options for Rome tours to suit everyone regardless of your budget. Have you been thinking about going on a trip? Visit Rome today for the best experience.


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