What to do in England in Summer

The U.K. remains one of the most popular destinations for Europe-bound nomads, with the British capital, London, receiving more international visitors than any other city last year.

Many travellers from sunnier parts of the world are quick to register some disappointment when they arrive expecting a summer of ice cream in Hyde Park and visits to quaint beach towns, only to be greeted with several weeks’ worth of rain.

However, when British summertime does arrive, you need to do as the locals do and make the absolute most of every second that the sun is shining.

Here’s a roundup of the most British ways that travellers can enjoy summer in the U.K. These are all quintessentially British summer activities.

Have a Boozy Picnic

A nation of parks, forests and public nature reserves in and around all the major cities, the Brits can’t resist a cheeky picnic in the sun, complete with plenty of alcoholic beverages to keep the party going.

Have a boozy picnic

Whether you’d rather head to one of the grand royal parks of London or the dramatic landscapes of the Yorkshire Dales, make sure you stock up on local favourites such as teacakes, sandwiches, scones and of course some British ales.

Go Punting

This one is a little more restricted to a select few occasions, namely the elite educational citadels of Oxford and Cambridge in the south of the country.

Every wondered how to punt? Watch this awesome video

However, punting is a time-honoured summertime tradition that is open to all, which involves renting a small, flat-bottomed boat with your friends, stocking up on champagne, and floating down the canal on a hot afternoon. Definitely an unmissable travel experience.

Head to the Races

Definitely one of the more lively options for a sunny day, and if you’re looking to mix with the locals and take in an electric atmosphere, then you can’t go wrong with a day spent at the horse races. The biggest events, such as Royal Ascot and the Grand National, are huge nationwide days out, which involve a lot of fancy dressing up and guzzling down jugs of that classic British beverage Pimms.

This is what you can expect at Royal Ascot in June

Your best bet before heading to one is to check out the latest tips on Oddschecker, so you know what to expect and who to bet on, if you choose to do so.

Head to the beach!

Most outsiders might flinch at the idea of taking a dip in the freezing North Sea, but Brits don’t tend to have an issue as soon as the sun is shining. Head to one of the nicer beach towns such as Brighton or Margate, settle down with a Choc Ice, then steel yourself for a swim in the ocean. You’ll come out feeling invigorated and alive!

Here’s an awesome little video montage of Brighton in Summer.

These are all integral parts of the British summer and must-have experiences for anyone who wants to see how people live in this corner of the world rather than just focus on monuments and tourist attractions.

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