Where To Visit In Mexico When Travelling Solo

Mexico is a fantastic country to travel to on a solo adventure as it has such a fun, lively and colourful vibe which means that it is impossible to get bored on a trip here. The world-famous culture, food, music, landscape and weather ensure that there is a huge amount to see and do whether you are travelling or working in Mexico, but this also means that many people are unsure what to do when they arrive. It can be an daunting place as it can be so lively and boisterous, which is why it is a good idea to have a clear plan for what you want to do before setting off.

Mexico City

Unsurprisingly, the capital city is an absolute must on a trip to this fabulous country as it is the beating heart of Mexico. It is somewhere with plenty of cultural attractions to keep you entertained, but it can also be equally enjoyable just to stroll the streets and soak up the lively atmosphere. A few notable highlights include the Templo Mayor, the National Museum of Anthropology and Pyramid of the Sun. It is also, of course, one of the best places to sample tantalising Mexican cuisine.

This video is the perfect guide to the best of Mexica City

Oaxaca City

A beautiful colonial city located 5,000 meters above sea level and surrounded by the mesmerising Sierra Madre del Sur Mountain range, Oaxaca City is a peaceful retreat that can be a lovely change of pace from the busy cities. It is also known as one of the best places to feast on authentic Mexican food, so foodies will love spending time here.


Any solo traveller seeking sun, sea, and sand will definitely want to check out the party town of Cancun on the Yucatán Peninsula, which is famous for its high-rise hotels, nightclubs, shops, and beaches. Hedonists will love it here, and you can find affordable flights by searching for Vuelos a Cancun Baratos. It may not be the most authentic Mexican destination, but it is great fun with an electric atmosphere 24/7.


Tulum is a cool little beach town that is ideal if you want to relax on the beach but do not fancy the craziness of Cancun. It is also home to stunning Mayan ruins that are found along the picturesque coastline which add to its appeal. It has not been overrun by the mega-resorts found in similar places, so instead, you will find smaller resorts, a friendly expat community and lots of cool places to eat, drink and explore.

This video by Ciara O Doherty is a fantastic guide to Talum.

As a solo traveller, you will always want to visit places that are great fun with plenty to do. Mexico has this in spades and, although there are a few places best avoided, it is filled with brilliant destinations that will showcase the great culture, cuisine, personality and flavour of this great country. The above are a few of the best places to visit if you are travelling solo, but there are many other fantastic places to visit too which all have their own unique identities. 

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