Why go to Berlin? Our highlights and advice

Okay, so being a nomad you might not think of yourself as an out and out traveller as such, but you do have the freedom to go anywhere and do anything. A new year brings with it new opportunities, so what better way to breathe new life into your day than by upping sticks and heading over to Berlin?

Not convinced? Here’s a whole host of things you can see and do there that will have you booking your flights in no time at all.

The Berlin Wall is Incredible

If you know anything about Berlin, then you’ll know of the wall which divided this great city not that long ago. It was the epitome of the Cold War, it was terrifying, and it still stands throughout many parts of the city.

You can buy a small piece from any number of sellers, you have walk up to it, touch it, even admire the artwork that now adorns it. Sometimes history throws up reminders of what happened before you came along, and sometimes you need to go and see them to truly appreciate the life you have today. It’ll make you think about just how lucky you are to live the nomad way…

Don’t Forget Your Brandenburg Gate Selfie!

It’s one of the iconic monuments in one of the most iconic cities in the world, so where better for a classy little selfie? Finish your coffee, unsheathe your selfie stick, strike a pose, and then add the image to your photo album with pride. If there’s a single backdrop that will tell people where you are and what you’re up to then this is it folks!

Brandenburg Gate Selfie

German Food is Right Up There

Treating yourself with a local food tour experience sounds like the smartest idea you’ve had in a longtime! There are so many different varieties of dishes that I’ve actually given up trying to list them here. All I’ll say is that you should just dive straight in and go with the flow. After all, isn’t that what the nomad way of life is all about?

This video is a must for any food lover

The Reichstag is Steeped in History

No trip to the German capital would be complete without a trip to the building which is very much the beating heart of the country. The Reichstag has been the seat of the German government for decades, and its grandeur is unsurpassed anywhere in Europe.


The domed roof is iconic, and the backdrop is simply breathtaking. Ideal for sitting and enjoying your coffee as you take in the sights and think about what you want to do with the rest of your day.

Alexanderplatz is a Sight to Behold

The city’s main square is not to be missed, and makes a great place to enjoy a quick bite to eat. Grab a pretzel and a coffee, then find a bench and take a look at all the amazing architecture that surrounds you. Certainly beats punching the clock and living the rat race back in the office doesn’t it…

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