Unplug and Unwind: How to Clear Your Mind on Vacation

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Vacation is a time for peace and relaxation. The irony is that some find it hard to unplug and unwind when they’re away. To gain the full benefits, you need to learn how to clear your mind on vacation.


Some people are comfortable leaving their computer at home. That way, they’re not expected or tempted to respond to work emails, start doing work when on vacation, or get lost watching hours of YouTube videos when there are sun-kissed beaches to be enjoyed. If you need access to a computer, it’s highly likely you will find one at the resort or can just use your smartphone.


A cruise is a unique type of getaway in that the planned activities keep goers so busy that there is little downtime as compared to staying on land at a resort. While some cruises offer WiFi, those who do may have insufficient resources or it’s so expensive that most cruisers opt to stay off of the web.

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It’s easy to log-on Facebook, check Instagram several times a minute, and see who is tweeting what when sitting at a desk or inside your hotel room. When engaged in activities, there’s little time to get lost in the internet of things. Therefore, do your best to plan activities before you go on vacation, so you’re less likely to break-out your smartphone.


When you’re at home, you probably have to get-up to go to work or feel anxious to do something. As a result, you don’t sleep-in, which leads to exhaustion, irritability, and stress. You don’t want to repeat that process on vacation. It’s okay to sleep-in for another hour or until you feel ready to rise. When you feel rested, your mind is clear and ready to function at a higher level.


Type-A personalities may feel as if they’re not accomplishing things on vacation. Don’t think of the vacation as time away from work but as a different kind of assignment. Whether you always wanted to try to surf, see museums in Washington, DC, or visit vineyards in northern California, think of the vacation as an opportunity to cross things off a list. That way, you can unwind and not feel guilty about having fun.


You don’t have to completely go off the grid. Reserve time to stay in-touch with friends and family members for one hour each night. Sit down in your Marriott Renaissance, Downtown Washington DC hotel room and plug-in for a bit. That should give you enough time to text friends, send emails, and briefly chat with a few people throughout your vacation.

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Some associate vacations with indulgence, and break diets or consume too much alcohol. It’s a great idea to unwind when on vacation but unwise to pollute your body with fatty foods and an excess of alcohol. A healthy body keeps the mind clear and welcome to happier thoughts.

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  1. Lee says:

    thanks to these tips. Yea, if you want an awesome vacation do not bring your computer :). You are meant to relax and enjoy and not supposed to be in the room answering emails and watching videos from youtube or doing unfinished work

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