Cutting loose and heading off on your travels is a great way to live your life, but you still need to be able to earn a bit of money if you’re going to be able to do the things you want to do.

Luckily for you, there’s plenty of ways you can be much more than all work and no play.

Here’s 5 ways to earn money with a smile on your face, no matter where your travels take you…

Be a tour guide for the day so you can see the sights whilst you earn

Seeing the sights is a great way to spend the day, and it would be even better if someone would pay you to do it. The great thing about being a native English speaker is that you speak the world’s only global language.

tour guide

Everywhere you go your skills will be in demand, and nowhere more so than in tourist hotspots.

Take on a couple of bar shifts so you can meet plenty more of the locals

Bar work is a great way to earn on your travels because it’s always needed, and it’s in demand everywhere. If you want to have your days off so you can get outside and explore the scenery, then a few late night shifts are a great idea.

work in a bar

The only thing to remember is that you don’t want to end up partying too hard, too often, behind the bar. That’s a guaranteed way to burn through all of your wages before you’ve even finished your shift!

Work at a hostel so you can get free bed and board with little effort

Hotels are a great way to get work in exchange for bed and board, and they’re always on the look out for dependable people who aren’t afraid to pitch in.

hostel jobs

If you want to meet a few of the locals, see how they live and work, and put a roof over your head for a week or so, then this is a great option to consider.

Enter an eating competition and see if you can finish the whole thing

Eating competitions may not pay your bills, but they will keep you well fed. If you can enter enough of them, and crucially you have the stomach to conquer them, then you’ll be able to eat for a pittance. Ideal if paying for stuff is something you could do without!

Eating competitions

The daredevil option: Set a little bit of money aside and try to win big

This isn’t so much a guaranteed earner, as it is a chance to win big. Sites like offer you the chance to turn a little bit of money into a mountain. As long as you’re responsible and you don’t get carried away, then this could be a good bit of fun that may just pay for many more travel adventures to come.

esports betting

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