5 Tips to Find a Home Abroad for Your Just-Born Online Business

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The internet has been opening endless opportunities for bright-minded entrepreneurs, freelancers, and crafters. Everybody has a different reason for embracing the new, exciting Digital Nomad lifestyle, whether it is for being your own boss or location independent.

While it is still an innovative decision with many career and personal opportunities, it can be hard never to have a base to go back to. 

Find a Home Abroad

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That is why if you have a business, you might also have to start thinking about the best place to base it – and find a home for it! Here are a few tips for digital nomads who are looking at taking their young company to the next level (no, you won’t have to stop traveling!)

Pick a Place Where You Feel at Home

Even if they assure you that “all places are amazing,” every digital nomad has a place in which they have left a piece of their heart and, no matter how much traveling they do, they always seem to be drawn back there. 

If you have one of these places and you wish to call it something more than just a country you have traveled through once, this could be the perfect occasion. Indeed, you won’t have to live there or ever come off the “honeymoon phase” of living in a new country while having the perfect excuse to come back regularly. But make sure it is a digital nomad-friendly region!

Check Cost of Living and Tax Situation

Now that you know where you are going to base your business, comes the nitty-gritty part of finding out about all the taxes, regulations, visa, and documents to legally open a business in another country. 

Thanks to today’s innovation and accessibility of working while traveling, everybody can open a company or shop wherever they prefer. However, not all places are the same. In some countries, the taxes and costs to get your first startup up and running might be exceedingly high. 

Instead, in other locations, the amenities and technology at your disposal might be so limited that it is just impossible to run an internet-related business. 

In any case, completing a background check of the place and figuring out what you will have to go through to open your shop for business finally is essential. Speaking to those who have done it can give you a head start you will be grateful for later on!

Make Sure Is Well-Linked to All Amenities

Not all locations are the same, especially if you have identified your perfect building right outside a big city. Indeed, while it might seem cheap and affordable enough to you, you need to understand your business’s nature before signing a contract. 

Indeed, if you are selling to the public, you will benefit from a central location that is well connected to all major hotspots of the city. Oppositely, if you just need a place for your team to gather and discuss ideas, then a quieter pace outside the city center might be better for your needs. 

Lastly, amenities and quality of infrastructures can change from city to city. For example, most shop for rent Malaysia shops are equipped with everything you need to get your tech startup off the floor and enclosed in modern, appealing buildings.

Give It the Vibe You Have Always Wanted Your Office to Have

If you have become a digital nomad to escape the grey, sad offices many professionals are accustomed to, the last thing you desire is to go back into one of those cubicles. Therefore, now that you have the chance to create the perfect workplace, shop, or office, make sure it can be the inspiring place you have always wanted it to be.

One of the best tips to achieve exactly the atmosphere you want is to create a link between the brand’s concept and vision and the office. For instance, if sustainability is part of your unique value proposition, encouraging a sustainable lifestyle can give your teams an extra incentive to enjoy their time at work. 

Think Bigger (Because Your Team Will Expand Soon!)

Finding an area that is large enough to accommodate your growing team is not easy, especially as you don’t know how your young company will evolve. While you might think about saving a little on rent, now this decision might bite you when your team grows stronger and larger. 

If you don’t know what the best choice for your situation is, opt for a flexible and versatile office space that allows you to subdivide the different corners in different ways. This flexibility will allow you to find enough space for your employees to converse, be comfortable, and give life to new ideas.

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