7 Useful Apps For Travelers

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We’ve all missed travelling, and many of us are now starting to plan some travel adventures! With lots to organize, you may be glad of a little help.

When you’re planning the details of your trip, check out these seven useful apps.

1. Detour

Detour is an application that offers audio walking tours. Discover engaging tours for a huge variety of different destinations. Detour offers walking tours for Marrakech,  Los Angeles, San Francisco, Rome, Paris and London.

Want to sync your tour with your travel friends? Detour offers this cool feature, plus plenty more. The audio guides are narrated by names like Errol Morris, Ken Burns and Phillip Petit.

The guides can help you to learn plenty of cool facts about your destination, and enrich your experience.

2 . Travello

Travello is a huge travelers community, you can use the app to connect with fellow travelers in over 180 different countries. With Travello you can meet travel buddies, or discover social activities nearby.

Travelers can get involved with various groups whether it’s photographers, travel bloggers, or solo travelers. Use the app to get traveling tips, share ideas and more. Whether you need advice for traveling solo, or tips about hostels, the community can help.

There’s a social feed where you can share traveling pictures, and make friends. Travello offers discounts on tours and activities, to help save you money. Search through thousands of traveling experiences, and book at a great price.

3. Sitata Travel Safe

The Sitata Travel Safe application monitors safety hazards across the globe. Sitata notifies users about protests, diseases or natural disasters. The app also offers a safety score for every different neighbourhood. With the help of Sitata, you can figure out which destinations to avoid, and plan your route accordingly.

There’s also a traveling community where you can exchange stories and tips. It’s a great place to give safety warnings, whether it’s about scams or incidents.

Travelers can record their medical data, and get recommendations about different vaccinations. Sitata is the perfect app to ease your safety concerns and make you feel more comfortable.

4. Hostel World

Hostel World is the perfect app for travelers on a budget. Using the app you can find the best prices on accommodation nearby. Features of the Hostel World app include:

5. Travel Diaries

If you want to keep a journal of your travels, Travel Diaries is the perfect tool. Use the app to write about your epic travel adventures, and add photographs too. With the location tracking feature you can save or retrace your steps. Features of the app include:

6. Roadside America

If you’re setting off on a road trip through the US, Roadside America is a fantastic tool. The map helps you to plan a trip, by discovering all the cool activities you can do along the way. Discover unique museums, statues, Route 66 Sights, and theme parks.

You might want to check out natural parks, lakes, cool architecture, or sports stadiums. Whether you want to visit the Lambeau Field, Green Bay Packers, or find a sweet camping spot, you can find all the best stop offs.

Other nifty features of the Roadside America app include:

7. Trip Case

Trip Case is an app to help you organize your itinerary. Here you can manage your car rental, hotel bookings, flights, and more. You’ll get alerts if your flight is changed, plus you can check the gate info.

Simply forward all your info to TripCase and the app will organize the perfect itinerary. With all your key details on one app it’s easier to stay on top of your reservations. Enjoy features such as:

There are so many more cool apps to help you get organized. With the right prep you’ll feel more comfortable and safe on your travels.

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