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Can Nomading Actually Help You Do Your Best Work?

Intrinsic motivation is key to being happy and doing your best work. Learn how designing your life to be location independent can boost your intrinsic motivation through the roof!

Tax returns for digital nomads

Can a Nomad Deduct Their Travel Expenses on Their Tax Return?

It’s tax time! What’s deductible and what’s not when you’re living a location independent nomadic lifestyle? Find out from our expert Joseph Smith, EA

Viva Mexico! Settling in Oaxaca, a Cultural Mecca -The Zaia Nomading Year Continues

Getting settled in Oaxaca Mexico, houses, schools, culture and fun!

Does Ferriss’ 4 Hours Really Work When Nomading?

Is it really reasonable for location independents to say “no” to phone calls and only check e-mail once a week as Ferriss suggests?

Earn as you travel

Deriving Income While You Travel 101

The basics of deriving income while traveling.

A Location Independent Single

A lot of people wonder what it would be like to nomad solo. Richard has been doing it for years. Read his thoughts on nu nomading alone.

6 Stages to Successfully Design Your Lifestyle

Learn the 6 stages of designing your lifestyle and the secret key to be successful.

Is Location Independence Your Key to Happiness?

A look at whether a nomadic lifestyle is the key to happiness. Realities and myths.

3 Questions to Ask to Make Sure Your Nomading Trip is Environmentally Friendly

by Carmen As an environmentally concerned traveler I have often wondered about the environmental impact of a nomadic lifestyle.  Writing about this in February of 2008 I estimated that if you traveled to a country […]

9 Ways to Save Money When Taking an Air Flight

Carmen describes 9 ways to save money during your next airport experience.