Becoming Truly Nomadic: What Does It Mean?

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Being a digital nomadOne of the best things about being a digital nomad is the fact that you’re able to go where you like. You’re a little bit like Peter Pan. Instead of settling down in a single location and just accepting your life as it is, you keep all your opportunities open.

That sort of approach to life can be a little unnerving for some, but for many others, it is entirely liberating. You’re like a child in the sense that the entire world is open to you, and you can do what you like.

Digital nomadism, though, is about more than just hopping from one city to another and staying in multiple rented apartments. It’s all about being as free as you can possibly be. And that means working while roughing it too.

In this post, we take a look at what it means to become truly nomadic. It means way more than just doing your work from a cafe or out of an Airbnb.

Being Nomadic Means Being Able To Work From Anywhere

Can you genuinely say that you can work from anywhere? Yes, sure, you’re fine in an apartment or hotel room with an internet connection. But what about out in nature? Can you work then?

Chances are that you’re not able to. You need battery power, some sort of online access, and so on.

What’s so amazing about today’s world, though, is that you really can be productive in the wild. All you need is the right equipment, hydration pack, and satellite technology.

Be a digital nomad anywhere

Let’s say, for instance, that you fancy spending a week in the wilderness but you also want to work while you’re out there, enjoying nature.

Well, thanks to tech, you can. It just requires setting up a tent, filling up with enough water, using a device to connect to satellite internet, and tapping away on your laptop to get the job done.

It sounds kind of crazy. But once you combine the idea of a laptop with globally accessible internet, digital nomads can start using the term to describe themselves with confidence. Imagine being able to get all your work done besides a mountain, overlooking a beauty spot. It would be incredible, wouldn’t it?

Being Nomadic Means Never Calling Anywhere Home

For the last ten thousand years, most humans have had somewhere to call home, even if it is a hut in the forest. But our ancestors never settled in one location. Instead, they carried on roving, always looking for the next opportunity to pasture their animals and find more food.

A lot of digital nomads would like to return to those old days. Being trapped in a city comes with a host of negatives, such as never really feeling free and always having to abide by local rules. Fortunately, though, you don’t have these kinds of impediments when you become a true nomad. You can find a wilderness and go and do what you like. 

Where to be a digital nomad

Imagine that kind of freedom! Just be careful to avoid getting your laptop wet in the rain. 

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