Top Locations For Digital Nomads

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The beauty of becoming a digital nomad is the numerous experiences you can find on your journey. However, in some instances, although the freedom of moving around is intriguing, many people stay in the same place for convenience and comfort. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that lifestyle, but if you are looking to jump out of your comfort zone altogether. Check out some of the best places to reignite your love of roaming the globe.


Although Japan is often deemed as an expensive spot to live (especially if you head to the cities), some places could work as your base in this exciting country. The smaller locations of Kochi and Nagoya are strong contenders, plus Japan’s up and coming spot of Fukuoka is a great choice. Working and living in Japan is quite comfortable, and you’ll find numerous co-working spaces to meet and network with others. If you’re considering Japan as your next travel adventure, why not check out the host of Japan vacation packages first to get a feel for the vibe.


Mostly seen as a holiday destination, especially if you head to the coast, Croatia has a lot more to offer digital nomads than you might expect. One of the top destinations in the country is the Dalmatian Coast, where you can enjoy the best of both worlds, including fantastic workspaces and spectacular sandy shorelines. The cost of living here is reasonable and certainly a lot cheaper than other European counterparts. You don’t need to worry about getting online either, as the internet is fast, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to hit up the local coffee shops for free Wi-Fi.

South Africa

The vibrant and diverse city of Cape Town is a great place to explore as a digital nomad. Here you can delve into the colorful nightlife during your stay or enjoy the beautiful beaches. It’s not the cheapest place to live, but there is a myriad of budget accommodation options and affordable hostels if you’re not opposed to sharing. The area of Woodstock attracts local and international artists and creative, so it is the perfect spot for inspiration. This setting is also slightly more affordable, and you can often find expat flatmates also looking for accommodation buddies.


One of the most up and coming digital nomad destinations has to be India. The country has a hive of start-ups and is bustling with inspiration around every corner. The cost is living is affordable, and there are co-working spaces aplenty. One of the best spots to network and chill is the Ministry of New in Mumbai. This modern and design-inspired space is ideal for all types of digital nomads and includes a place to enjoy downtime alongside conference rooms and a lush courtyard area.

Other top locations to consider include:

Start planning your next adventure and see where your work takes you this year.



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