Best USA digital nomad locations for summer

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Through the winter digital nomads spend most of their time indoors by a warm fire, radiator, alternative heat source.

It makes little sense to go wandering at that time of year unless you are inclined. But come spring, summer, and fall, the possibilities for digital nomad working life are endless. Well, almost endless.

Here are some pandemic picks for working locations this year. 




If you’re looking for a place to spend the summer months, enjoying the spectacular natural beauty America has to offer, and earning some money at the same time, you could do worse than head to Maine. 

Yes, it’s home to all of those Stephen King horror stories  but the reality is that Maine has some incredible wilderness. It has lakes, forests, beaches, and coasts. Maybe that’s why King is never short of an interesting setting. 

New Hampshire

New Hampshire is often forgotten about in the South East, just above Massachuates and South of New York. It doesn’t have any major cities to shout about which is probably why it is often overlooked. Nevertheless  it has a lot to offer. 

New Hampshire is home to some vast and spectacular natural wilderness and animal habitats. It has great lakes, magical forests with waterfalls, and rocky mountains. This is a tremendous place to spend your summer working. 

Pigeon Forge

If you live near Tennessee you might consider loading up the RV and heading to Pigeon Forge for some weeks in the summer. This place has some outstanding natural beauty in the summer months. It also has a cabin you can work from. 

Whether you haul up in one of the local RV parks or choose a mountainside cabin in the  tennessee packages, you will be surrounded by the natural beauty of the area. There are beautiful wildflowers in the summer as well as honking stags in the distance. 


If you haven’t been to Vermont before you’re in for a treat. The state of Vermont is mostly covered with forests, more than seventy five percent of it in fact. It has incredible scenery and spectacular autumn foliage that you won’t want to miss. Stay for the summer and the fall. 

Spend your time working from one of the log cabins in the hills, enjoy morning meditations amongst the forest animals and watch the new day day with a cup of green tea, before getting down to some work yourself. This is the joy of working as a digital nomad. 

New York

When we say New York we don’t mean the bustling city that won’t be too herby even after the pandemic restrictions are lifted. Ordinarily this would be a nice place to work from, but you’re probably better going for a natural location this summer and fall. 

Luckily New York is also home to a vast tray of great lakes and natural wilderness to make your digital nomad lifestyle everything you expect from it. Just make sure you have enough juice for your laptop when you head into the forest or up a mountain. 


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