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Is There an Age Limit on Becoming Location Independent?

The concept of being ‘location independent’ may be a recently coined term, but it describes something that people have been doing for millennia – spending most, if not all of their time, travelling.The main obstacles […]

Doha airport

Tips on Spending an Overnight Layover in Doha

Traveling from the UK to many Asian destinations means taking long flights of 15 hours or more. In most cases, you will have to transit in one of the international hubs before continuing on another […]

3 Ways to Manage that Time of the Month While Travelling

Most women will agree, periods aren’t much fun. They’re sometimes expensive, often painful, and always inconvenient. And when you’re travelling? Things get a whole lot worse and coping with your period often requires an unreal […]

Bamboo products instead of plastic

The 8 best ways to live sustainably while travelling

It’s something we have repeatedly heard on the news: using plastic is damaging our planet, and it needs to be curbed.Unfortunately, this material has found its way into our everyday lives, and even more so […]

Digital nomads seeking sun

Unplug and Unwind: How to Clear Your Mind on Vacation

Vacation is a time for peace and relaxation. The irony is that some find it hard to unplug and unwind when they’re away. To gain the full benefits, you need to learn how to clear […]

Live Like a Londoner – A digital nomad’s guide

Whether you are going to London on holiday or for a work assignment (or a little of both), you don’t have to go around looking and acting like a tourist. You can be part of […]

Great family activities to see and do on the Isle of Wight

Located just 4 miles off the coast of Hampshire and less than 2 hours away from London, the Isle of Wight is the perfect family holiday destination. Popular amongst tourists since Victorian times, the Isle […]

Tips to Help You Find Cheap Accommodation During Your Travels

So you’ve packed your bags, picked a destination and done your research on where you want to go. Whether you’re doing it for the sake of travelling or starting a new life somewhere else, the […]

The most remote destinations on earth

Are you the type of person who just wants to get away from it all? Then you’re in luck. Even with a population pushing 7.5 billion, there are still corners of the planet which remain […]

How to combat the five main things that go wrong in a business trip

Ask anyone who has embarked on a business trip in the past what the main recipes for success are and the term “efficiency” will usually be returned to you.In short, the vast majority of trips […]