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Independent Living On A Budget – Is It Possible?

Let’s get one thing straight – upping sticks and travelling around the country (or even the world!) and expecting to do it all for free is just something that can’t happen. There is some expense […]

How to make money while living the RV lifestyle

Living life on the road in an RV gives you the freedom to discover and explore new places you may never have known existed. It’s the ideal way to meet new people and see out-of-the-way […]

Minimalist Packing for Nomadic Travellers

If you often find yourself gazing jealously at that one guy who can fit all of his stuff into a 30L backpack while you’re straining to contain all your earthly possessions in an 80L behemoth, […]

Sleeping in your card advice

Sleeping in the car – A Digital Nomad’s dream

Being a digital Nomad is not the most difficult thing in this world but adjusting to the environment can be a complicating task at times. When we talked about adjustments, there will be situations where […]

Can You Really Live Your Travel Dreams?

We all dream of having the opportunity to travel at some point in our lives but for many people it can often seem like just that: a dream. There are often thousands of different reasons […]

Becoming a Digital Nomad in Seville, Spain

Ah, Seville. The hidden gem sneakily tucked away in a corner of Andalucia. It’s Spain’s fourth largest city, sure, but there is an air of small town goodness about this wholesome, thriving, happy city. If […]

5 Reasons To Travel To Canada

Canada has become a hotspot for tourists of all types. Whether you’re a rugged adventurer or looking for luxury, the world’s second largest country has it all. Here are some of the prime reasons to […]

Cool Ways To Fund Your Canadian Travel Adventure

 When you start traveling, you might find that you visit a destination that you want to explore for more than a couple of weeks. Canada is such a place because you can’t discover all this […]

Happiness Is Not A Free Gift; It’s Hard Work

It’s not uncommon nowadays to describe the modern times as one of the most stressful that one could experience. High bills, stressful work environments, relationship dramas, and increasing health worries, it’s difficult to keep a […]

Career options for location independence

Digital nomad jobs for a Location Independent Lifestyle

Designing a lifestyle that is location independent is not just for web moguls. Here are 25 proven careers that are nomadable.