Candidate verification when applying for a job: the main stages of the process and effective methods.

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At first, the police record check helps you make an informed decision when applying for a job. In some cases, it should be a little more thorough than the company’s standard practice. This is due to the high responsibility of the position. For example, they check more carefully if they hire a manager or a person responsible for the material and technical values of the company or information resources and purchases.


Why check employees?

The minimum surface criminal record check of candidates when applying for a job is mandatory so that there are no problems with the law later due to new employees, and also so that:


Who checks the applicants when hiring?

Each company has its own approved procedure for checking candidates for employment, which depends on the size of the company and the availability of the necessary specialists in the staff. But if you live in Australia, this is much easier. You can simply use the services of specialists in online criminal record check. But if not, then it would be correct if two divisions were engaged in it at once:

HR Department-post information about an open vacancy, then collect feedback from candidates and initial information about them, conduct interviews, evaluate professional qualities, transmit data to the security department, form a dossier for each applicant, and transmit the information to the direct manager, who makes the final hiring decision.

Security service – checks the reliability of the data provided by the applicant, evaluates the reliability of the candidate, makes a psychological portrait. This can be either a full-fledged division or a single employee. If this division is not in the company, then the entire recruitment process falls on the recruiter. If there is no such employee, the manager hires new people independently.


Stages of verification of candidates for the position

How candidates are vetted for a job depends on the company’s internal regulations and the availability of a security department and a recruiter on staff. How deeply and thoroughly a person should be checked depends on the position for which he applies. The more responsibility a new employee will have in the company, the more carefully it is necessary to check him before making a decision. This is because monetary and reputational losses due to improper management of the enterprise are much higher than, for example, due to the loss of one client due to the lack of competence of the sales consultant in the store.

In some cases, the security service does not finish checking a candidate for a job even after being accepted. It can continue during the internship when to get a complete portrait of a person, record all their work decisions, observe their behavior: compliance with the work schedule, reaction to various events in the company. So sometimes it takes up to 4-5 months.

When looking for new employees, many international companies check them for 4-7 months before hiring them to protect the business from possible mistakes. The algorithm they use has been developed for years and helps to choose the right person.

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