A Digital Nomad’s Guide to London

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The world we live in is changing in dramatic ways and those changes seem to be appearing and reappearing overnight. People now live in an entirely different world than their parents did and one of the key factors here is the way people work.

For a growing number of people, the concept of work as it pertains to their parents is completely foreign. Our parents likely worked a single job their entire lives, got a gold watch at their retirement party, and cash those pension checks every month.

Today the world of work is something entirely different. Young people seek out many jobs before deciding on one that suits them, and then they may again move on a few years later. The concept of job loyalty has changed to the point of non-existence, with perhaps the exception of one.

Remote work

More and more companies are embracing the idea allowing some staff to work remotely and some companies are comprised of solely remote workers. For these people, they can work anywhere in the world there’s an internet connection.

Enter the digital nomad. These are the people who live and work across the globe and London is one of the most popular cities for this new breed of worker. These are a few reasons why.

Co-Working Spaces

One of the only drawbacks to life in London is the cost. Renting an office can be cost prohibitive so co-working spaces are the ideal spots for digital nomads to set up. Furnished with desks, chairs, office machines, and often meeting rooms, these spaces are hotspots for young entrepreneurs crafting their latest startup or designers collaborating on a new idea.


London coworking space

The fees are generally weekly or monthly but some co-working spaces will allow digital nomads to drop in for a day or two. Check out this list of some of the most popular co-working spaces in the city.


One of the drawbacks to working as a digital nomad is the fact that you don’t have co-workers to discuss ideas with or to simply chat. While a lot of digital nomads prefer to work alone there are times when having some human company is highly desirable.

London meetups

Enter the meetup. Meetups can revolve around work or play, but the idea is that you and people from all over the world, like a traveler from Canada or eastern escorts from Ukraine and other countries, get together and spend time together unwinding. Digital nomads work hard so free time with other like-minded people is important, not just for work but also for one’s sanity.

Other Resources

For some digital nomads the idea of a co-working space doesn’t always suit them, but London has endless resources when you need a place to plug in and get your work done. Coffee shops are the standard around the world, and you’ll find these in abundance in London. Some pubs will also let you work from the bar, provided you order a beer or some food which you probably need anyway.

London’s many libraries are not only housed in jaw-dropping buildings, but they’re wonderfully quiet and have the advantages of real books in the stacks in case you can’t find just what you need on Google. They’re comfortable spaces that can really help get your creative juices flowing.

It also helps that London has lightning fast, reliable internet.

How to Become a Digital Nomad

If all of this sounds good to you and you’d like to be a digital nomad in London there are several ways to get started. One doesn’t necessarily need to be involved in the tech industry to attain one of these jobs, but those are the most abundant. Copywriters, virtual assistants, travel agents, teachers, and many more positions like these are in high demand and many allow remote work.

Check out websites like these to get started. You’ll find a variety of positions listed and the chances are good that you’ll qualify for one of them.

Life as a digital nomad can be hard at times but the freedom that comes with the job is one of the best perks a company can offer, and London is one of the best places in the word to do it.

2 responses to “A Digital Nomad’s Guide to London ”

  1. Kelly Price says:

    Thanks for these tips! I live in London and am looking to transition to digital nomad-hood, so this is really useful.

  2. adrian says:

    London has always been a great city to be a digital nomad in, well the cost of living and housing aside. It has always had a strong and extensive network of shared working spaces, since they became a thing, and it has great transport links to Europe and the rest of the world. It also helps with English as the main language of communication, and it is an easy enough city to transition into, especially for a someone whose work is in English. It is also a financial and business hub, making it somewhat easier to source new work and projects, here. It is also a great place to build a professional network of contacts. Housing is an issue, specifically cost and related to that condition and quality as well, and this can be offputting for digital nomads use to cheaper countries and cities – but there are developments aimed to bridge this challenge, the take up of coliving in london, http://www.vondereurope.com/location/london, is happening with digital nomads very much in mind, so this is something to watch and evaluate.

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