Factors That Can Prevent You From Becoming A Global Digital Nomad

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If there is one thing that this year has taught us, it is the fact that we can rely on technology to work away from our desks. The digital nomad lifestyle has become the coolest working trend, and why not?

The idea that you can work anywhere, equipped with your laptop, smartphone, and internet supply, offers some level of flexibility.

While this lifestyle gives you the chance to see the world and have a job, it also comes with many challenges.

So, are you considering becoming a freelancer or digital nomad? Here are some barriers you should be aware of.


Reasons not to be a digital nomad

Different countries have different visa requirements, depending on where you come from. For example, the United States has its visa laws and immigration regulations that can help you if you’re considering becoming a U.S. citizen. These specific regulations will differ from one country to the next.

The differences can present many complications if you do not conduct enough research on the countries you plan to enter.

Also, if you do not know what to bring along with you on your journey, you may find it difficult being a global digital nomad.

Working from the ‘wrong’ country

Wouldn’t it be great to find the same conditions in any country you visit, that make it easy to work while on the move no matter where you are? Unfortunately, that is not the case, as some countries (mostly developed ones) make it more convenient to be a freelancer or a digital nomad.

In most developed or developing countries, it is easier to find a stable source of internet service and electricity supply no matter which part of the country you visit, but this may not always be the case in many underdeveloped countries.

Besides that, other countries also make it challenging to work online, as their governments control certain websites’ access.


Money makes the world go round, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, money (or a lack of it) can be one of the main obstacles to living a global digital nomad life. If you are to make it in this lifestyle, you should have creative means of supplementing your income while managing your debt.

It would be best to have a savings account with regular deposits while ensuring that you do not engage in frivolous spendings. The big idea is always to ensure that you have enough funds to continue with your lifestyle.

Striking a balance between work and personal life

Reasons not to be location independent

Living a digital nomad lifestyle requires a lot of planning, problem-solving, and forward-thinking. Working remotely means taking complete control of your daily schedule. Unfortunately, many freelancers fall short at this point, as they fail to strike the right balance between their work and personal life.

As a result, they mostly fall behind on tasks and fail to meet deadlines, which affects the general quality of their work. Being in school could present a considerable challenge to living a digital nomad lifestyle, especially when you do not have your studies online.

That is aside from the difficulties involved in combining your studies with work.

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