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Top Five Summer Getaways in the USA for 2021

With many travel plans postponed last year, it is time to start planning your getaways for this summer. Many of us have had the itch to get back out and travel, but have stayed at […]

How to pack for a long trip

How to prepare for a long trip

It’s rare for a lot of people that we get the time to escape from our everyday lives, and it can be hard to find that perfect escape. It’s completely healthy to need some time […]

Adventures in Utah

Outdoor Adventures In The Vast Wildernesses Of Utah

It might not have the cultural significance of a place like New York City, the glamorous and excitement of an LA, or even the party-loving attitude of a Malibu Beach, but if you’re the kind […]

Cape Verde

3 Reasons To Visit Central America

Central America is a holiday destination that is often overlooked, especially when you think about how popular both North and South America are; Central American can easily be missed out in the middle. However, there are […]

South Downs travel guide

Exploring South Downs As A Family

When figuring out where to go on your next holiday, it can be a little challenging if you have children.Deciding to take a trip to South Downs is certainly an excellent decision because there is […]

digital nomad advice

Run Your Business On The Go Without All The Hassle

If you want to run your business on the go, but you don’t want to have a bunch of hassle to go with it, then you’ve got to make sure you’re doing some of the […]

Becoming a Digital Nomad in Seville, Spain

Ah, Seville. The hidden gem sneakily tucked away in a corner of Andalucia. It’s Spain’s fourth largest city, sure, but there is an air of small town goodness about this wholesome, thriving, happy city. If […]

A Digital Nomad’s Guide To America

The life of a digital can be a fun and insightful experience with the opportunity to work remotely, often in foreign countries and with opportunity to move on from town to town and take in […]

Paris digital nomad advice

Digital nomad’s guide to Paris, France

Paris has always been a lure for travellers the world over, one of the most iconic cities in the world with more than its fair share of romantic locations, thriving communities and a distinct Parisian […]

free volunteer africa

The Rise in Popularity of Volunteering in Foreign Locations

As more and more people become aware of the plight of others in foreign locations all over the planet, they’re taking the many opportunities available to them to volunteer for the greater good.Whether you want […]