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Why Brasília is worth a visit

Check out what we think of the post-modern architects dream that is Brasilia.

5 Ways to Avoid the Montezuma in Montezuma’s Revenge While Traveling Abroad

Today I enthusiastically introduce you to Greg Rollett.  I came to know Greg when I joined his RockStar Business Series (link on right sidebar) in order to increase traffic to this blog.  We had great […]

10 Best and 10 Worst Things About Living in Oaxaca, Mexico

After 6 months of independent travel in Oaxaca, Mexico, here’s our list of the best and the worst.

Before You Travel – The Great Malaria Debate

If you?re preparing for world travel you may be wondering what, if any vaccinations you need?and about Malaria. Read our second of a two-part article on immunizations.

Before You Travel: Vaccinations You May Need

If you’re preparing for world travel you may be wondering what, if any vaccinations you need. With help of an MD, we’ve put together a NuNomad list of travel vaccinations.

The Joys of Cooking when You’re a Nomad – Even Without a Kitchen

Ricardo talks about his love for cooking while he travels – even when he finds himself without a kitchen.

Viva Mexico! Settling in Oaxaca, a Cultural Mecca -The Zaia Nomading Year Continues

Getting settled in Oaxaca Mexico, houses, schools, culture and fun!

9 Ways to Save Money When Taking an Air Flight

Carmen describes 9 ways to save money during your next airport experience.

Nomading Around Costa Rica

by CarmenAs you may know from a couple of posts ago, I recently had the opportunity to do a bit of nomad-ing around Costa Rica. This wasn’t a pure nu nomadic adventure as I wasn’t […]