How to learn while travelling

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Witnessing the curvature of the earth, sailing through clouds and listening to the humming noise of jet engines becomes the norm when you travel the world.

The robotic voice over the tannoy telling you what gate and platform you need to be on becomes background noise as you move around the various airports and train stations of the world. You live in the moment, taking in all the new experiences and time after time, meeting new people.

However in between your adventures, you know that one day you will return back to the normal world. A job and paying bills awaits you. So why not try to improve your situation upon arriving back, by educating yourself while travelling the world?

You’ll find that travelling has moments of excitement and joy, and interrupted by long hours of waiting and boredom.

Use this downtime to learn something new.

Keep your mind occupied and above all else, sharp and cognitively adept. Some of the things you learn will stay with you forever.

Some of them will be good fun for the time being. However, you can enrich your mental library with some great skills and knowledge while waiting for your next flight.

Having trouble with the lingo?

Now more than ever, people of all kinds of travelling the world. So many generations are rubbing shoulders with each others. It’s not just the young that like to travel but the older generations too. This means you have a range of abilities with regards to language.

The language of the world is English, but not everyone can speak or understand it where you go. This can mean you run into the language barrier and to some degree you trip is not as good.

Ending up at the wrong hotel because of a miscommunication is the last thing you need after a 10 hour flight. There are a range of language learning apps that you can download straight to your phone.


Babbel is an app that helps you learn multiple European languages such as Spanish, French, Italian, German and Dutch to name a few. Overall it has 14 languages for you to choose from. It’s got over 10+ million downloads on the Google Play Store.

Its been voted the best app on the platform in 2015 and the company won the best innovative educational company award in 2016. It has a great rating of 4.4 stars given to it by users instead of editors and critics.

This shows how well loved the app and it’s teaching strategies are.

Rosetta Stone

The classic and perhaps the first truly modern software that taught different languages to the masses. Rosetta Stone can also be downloaded from any app store and has an even better rating of 4.5 stars. It’s got over 5 million downloads and has some of the best teaching methods for any language app.

It uses pictures and videos to teach you various words and sentence structures. The most spoken languages of English, Italian, Spanish, French and German are highly popular. However the app will also teach you how to read the various languages as well as speak them.

The dynamic immersion method means you can have a mock conversation with Rosetta Stone itself. Just speak directly to your phone and the conversation will begin. Crucially, you can also have offline access to your account and lessons.

The inquisitive to the investigative

Travelling around the world, you are sometimes a bit disconnected from what everybody else is doing back home.

This can lead you to want to get closer to the kinds of things that make people interested in certain tv shows, games and other art. If you have an inquisitive mind, then puzzles and investigations are going to keep you occupied for hours.

These games can be played on your smartphone and you can also read the latest mystery novels to quench your thirst. However, if you want to be able to rejoin the workforce and use serious skills in this department then do an associates in criminal justice online while on the go.

The course is designed from the ground up to be flexible. So you can learn when you are travelling and still keep up with the curriculum. First you will have an introduction to what the corrective system is, as well as a broad understanding of how law enforcement works and what its role in society is.

Next comes the good stuff, with a pairing of criminology and social psychology.

Finally, you will be introduced to how the court system works. And by the way, there are no application fees so you can register your interest without any payments first needing to be made.

Absorbing different cultures

Part of travelling is learning about different cultures. As you span the globe you will come across various cultures in different nations.

It will be as they say a culture shock. However you can get ready for what you might meet and see in your new adventure by downloading apps that explain various cultures.

Much like the language apps, this software will help you get closer to the nations you are intent on visiting. There are again, multiple choices for absorbing different cultures that you can download for your smartphone.

Google Arts and Culture: For those of you who love art and want to explore the various important artists of different nations, this app is superb. Art and artists are sometimes the window into different cultures and nations.

This app has some of the most famous paintings and drawings from the best artists from each nation. Everyday there is a new painting to explore with a bunch of different stories to go along with them. You can learn about the artist themselves with a detail biography.

It may even give you an idea on where your next visit should be.


During the many cultural rebirths in the late 20th century, many nations had rising poets.

These people were often on the same status that some of the best known celebrities are these days. They were revered for championing their nation, speaking about things that either society didn’t want to acknowledge or couldn’t say. There are many poets that you can learn a lot from regarding their country and culture.

This app will refresh with new poems everyday and some of them are from South America. Poets write about the spirit to resist the Communist and Socialist dictators of their era. It’s a brilliant insight into history as well as understanding the culture of various nations.


If you’re looking to explore the various cuisines of the world along your way, then you should download Tastemade. It explores various recipes and foods of the world. However the pictures aren’t just there for you to salivate over but learn about how certain dishes came into being.

Some foods have a dull history such as a chef accidentally mixing in the wrong herb and creating a new flavour. Other times, there’s a story about how a peasant farmer took ingredients from the land and made a dish that he sold to the locals.

It quickly spread like wildfire and the whole town wanted to know more about it.


Tales of restaurants and the cuisine we enjoy now are presented in this app. If you want to know more about a country’s cuisine and the philosophies behind many of the most famous dishes, this is an app you should have in your pocket.

Marching on history

Undoubtedly, sometimes the only reason why you want to visit another country is because the history is so fascinating. From the Temple of Neptune in Greece, the Colosseum in Italy to Stonehenge in England, various nations have some ancient buildings that you will want to witness in person.

However, the events and key dates of such nations should also be examined and known before you set foot on their soil. Consider signing up to The Great Courses Plus to learn about the historical events that shaped the modern nations of the world.

Everything is online, and you have access to thousands of hours of lectures both in video and audio form. Much like any other subscription based platform, you sign up to your plans and gain access immediately. You don’t have to worry about being locked in as you can cancel anytime.

The great thing about this app is that professors from around the world are the people who are giving the lectures and writing the articles. Together with a team of animators and various film studios, there is also video content to watch.

This of course can be accessed from you PC, Mac and smartphones.

While you fly around the world experiencing different countries, you can still keep learning. Expand your mind with various apps for learning languages.

With new technology right at your fingertips, you can learn a new word and sentence in foreign language everyday.

You can also learn about the history of the nations you’re visiting with the various software subscriptions you can sign up to.

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