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netflix while travelling

5 Ways the Internet Has Changed How We Live Forever

When you want to live anywhere and do anything, you need the internet to make it happen. The interesting thing about embracing the NuNomad way of life, is that you soon come to see how […]

Yerevan, Armenia 

Best cities for Digital nomads

Gone are the days when only writers, or maybe artists, are able to live and work in different places. With the ease of accessing the internet, living a digital nomad or location independent lifestyle has become […]

For Modern Nomads: Top Tech Gear and Gadgets to Add to Your Must-Pack List

Some are like the wind, going this place and elsewhere on a whim. It’s a great feeling to be free as a bird but humans are accustomed to convenience. Therefore, nomads are in need of […]

Getting to Know More About Internet Privacy and Information Security

We covered the digital nomads’ essentials in a previous article. Here, we’re going to focus more on information security and why protecting your privacy online is more important than ever. There have been more cases […]

Packing to move overseas

Tips on Getting Your Home Ready For a Move

Buying a new home is a great way for a person to get a fresh start. A lot of work will have to go into getting the right new home. After a person has found […]

Why vacation in Canada

Why travel is the best thing for you and your family

There are a number of things in a person’s life that can lead to them becoming stressed out. Taking the time to figure out what you can do to reduce the stress that you have […]

Great ways to start your epic journey

We’re firm believers that your travel adventure starts the moment you leave your house. Getting to your destination is just as important being there! So we’ve been researching various options that can help you on […]

Don't get drunk

5 Ways to Relax While You Travel

Do you love vacations but hate travelling? If so you wouldn’t be alone. For many, even the thought of travelling is enough to make them extremely anxious. Whether you need to travel for work or […]

Moving house

The Growing Burden of Moving – My material life

Being location independent is a great thing – long story short, there is nothing to hold you back. No workplace, no condo, no house, no picket fence and dog. But while you keep moving from […]

Is There a Lifestyle Design Lesson for Us Independent Travelers?

Does Sarah Shourd’s imprisonment and release have any lessons for us lifestyle designers and independent travelers?