India Travel Guide for First-Timers

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India is a country in South-Asia that is the largest when the term democracy is discussed. It has a history of being one of the most ancient in terms of civilisation. The country was one of the richest till the early 17th century. India has its economy multiplying, and it is the 7th largest country in the world when it comes to the land size.

Moreover, it is the second-most populous country after China. The capital of India is New Delhi, and it was built in the 20th century. India has a record of its cultural prosperity on the increase. It is a beautiful country to consider for tourism because it has many attractive and beautiful places to visit.

If you ever desire to have a different perspective about life, you should consider visiting India. A lot is waiting for you to make you feel refreshed and inspired; the country will positively change your personality and grant you a warm reception that you won’t forget in a while.

When you visit India, you will view all the unique architectural designs wherever you go. The country has beautiful items for tourists, and most are handcrafted in a lovely way that no one could resist.

Read on to see what are the must-see places for all first-time visitors to India, what traditional foods should you try, and what kind of entry permit needs to be handled prior to your visit!

India visa and passport requirements

The most important thing to remember when planning a trip to India is obtaining an appropriate entry permit beforehand.

The easiest way to do that is by applying for an e-Visa that allows travel for tourism, business, and medical purposes. All of the three available types of the online visa enable multiple visits to India.

Visit Evisa Express website to complete the 3-step intuitive and quick application process on any working device with an internet connection.

Every foreign traveler must have the following documents upon crossing the Indian border:

TIP! Apply at least 3 business days ahead of your travel to make sure that you will receive the e-Visa on time.

Approved entry permits now arrive directly at the applicant’s email address in PDF form!

India attractions you shouldn’t fail to try

India is a country that has numerous exciting sites you can’t get tired of exploring them; these include; temples, deserts, beaches, mountains, and more!

There are so many attraction places to visit in India; when planning for a vacation, you need to think of places you shouldn’t miss out on the fun and excitement.

The country has a lot to explore, but people have a short and limited time to spend in India. Places you cannot fail to visit include the:

Ranthambore National Park

This is mainly for those who love to admire the beauty of nature. The Ranthambore National Park is located in Rajasthan, and the park is not all about nature; it also contains a large portion of history in it.

There is a formidable fort built inside the park, created in the 10th century. The unique fact about this is that it has its position in a strategic place between the north and central India.

It would be best if you can visit this place in March, April or June. You will be opportune to see almost all the animals as they come out to drink water to keep them hydrated.

Khajuraho temple

This temple has a blend of love, life, and worship. It is an excellent place to visit. The temple is carved in such a way that cannot be seen anywhere else, presenting the nagara architectural style!

More than 20 temples have survived and are now available to explore in this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Build in the ancient times, now serve as a great example of the Indian art from the ancient times.

Agonda beach

If you plan to have a relaxing holiday, this beach tour will be the best option for you to consider. The beach has a nice hut for you to relax. It is quiet and entirely peaceful; you will enjoy nature and a perfect atmosphere together.

Agonda is located in the South-Goa district of India and serves as a perfect holiday spot! Golden-sandy beaches, palm trees, and beautiful waters attract thousands of tourists each year.

Delicious Indian foods to try 

India has many delicious varieties of food that you would love to taste. However, it is pretty impossible to have a taste of all the foods. Here is the list of the top 3 foods you must give a try while on your trip:

Masala dosa

This means stuffed pancakes; the pancake is prepared in a thin way. The dough is obtained from fermented rice butter.

To enjoy this meal, you don’t need to eat it with anything; you can enjoy it alone or with lots of spiced potatoes inside. You can use Masala dosa as an appetizer before you enjoy the main meal.

Butter chicken

This is the main dish prepared by having a chicken cooked in a sauce and cream; this dish originated in New Delhi.

Gajar ka Halwa

This is a desert, and it is commonly enjoyed during a festival; it is a pudding made with milk, sugar, and other ingredients. If you want to spice your holiday up and make it memorable, don’t forget to try the Gajar ka Halwa!

Final words

Undoubtedly, India is a fantastic travel destination. It is a good place for you to enjoy a peaceful and fun-filled vacation; the country has all the places tourists would love to visit!

Once traveling is fully available once again, make sure to make India your priority!

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