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The little central American country of Costa Rica gets around 2 million tourists visiting each year. Not bad for a country with less than 5 million inhabitants. Its a testament to the jaw dropping beauty of the country and the friendly nature of its citizens that keep tourists coming back. Its also a very affordable place to travel making location independence a real choice for us digital nomads. So if you’re search for what to know about costa rica then here are a few reasons why you should consider it when looking for your next location independent destination.

Wildlife and landscapes

This has to be number one when it comes to Costa Rica. Over a quarter of the land mass of the country is now national parks and when you look at the sheer diversity of its landscape its easy to see why they should look to preserve it. You’ll find plenty of wildlife here including my favourite, the Sloth which can often be seen snoozing in trees with moss growing on their hair.

Sloths in Costa Rica

There’s also plenty of monkeys jumping through the trees and no shortage of Iguanas too. There’s 38 different types in Costa Rica alone and you’re bound to spot them almost everywhere you go. Costa Rica is also home to some fairly active volcanoes too.

Iguanas in costa rica


There are currently 6 active volcanoes in the country with a further 61 either dormant or extinct.Arenal was the most active of all the volcanoes here until 2010 when it finally calmed a little and is currently considered “sleeping”. Its probably the best known of the volcanoes and the easiest to explore thanks to the Arenal National Parks. There’s all sorts of activities available in the park including trekking, white water rafting and horse riding.

volcanoes in Costa Rica

Costa Rican food

There’s plenty of very tasty and very cheap options here so you’ll never go hungry. For breakfast you can have the Gallo Pinto, a very traditional meal of rice, black beans, tomato and sweet pepper. Lunch is al about the beans, friend Plantain and fresh salads. Or wonderful grilled chicken and stewed beef.

Costa Rican food

Don’t forget the famous Costa Rican Coffee either. The locals will tell you its the best in the world and they may well be right. Definitely worth checking out if you’re a coffee lover. If not then you should try the local Guava drink instead, called Cas, you’ll find it in every cafe and restaurant in the country. There’s also no shortage of fresh fruit in Costa Rica so be sure to eat healthy!

Coastal destinations and weather

Costa rica short term rentalThe coastline is really where you want to be as temperatures are cooler here in the dry season. Peak tourist time is December to March so expect prices to be higher and tourist numbers to swell. You’ll find the temperature is in the mid 20s up to 30 on the coast while the interior can get as high as 40C. The Atenas countryside is some of the best in the world and there are a few locations here where you can view both the Pacific Ocean to the west and Caribbean sea to the East.

I’d recommend taking a look at some short term rental options in the Guanacaste province as there is a high level of tourism and accessibility here. Competition helps to drive the prices in your favour and there’s lots to choose from too. Try “Playa Del Coco” for some beach side apartments perfect for a family, prices are competitive considering the location and I’d recommend pushing your budget to make the most of your time in Costa Rica as your surroundings are truly worth it. There are some great studio apartments too for those on a tighter budget. You can usually haggle with the local management if you’re planning on staying for a few months.

Playa Del Coco short term rentals

There’s so much to see and do in Costa Rica that finding the perfect travel and work balance will be the toughest part of your time there! There’s an increasing number of travel bloggers, writers, designers and developers who have called Costa Rica “home” at least for a short while so there’s a wealth of experience out there to be tapped. The high quality of the tourism industry makes travel in and around the country very easy and the breathtaking surroundings will make you want to extend your stay a little longer too. For more information on location independence in Costa Rica check out nomading page here.

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