The 5 Coolest Ways to Travel Around the World

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Private JetWhether your Floyd Mayweather or a humble shopkeeper you have probably dreamt about flying around the world in your private jet! How realistic this is is, of course, another story but it’s always good to dream.For many people owning your own private jet is a way to flaunt your lifestyle, for others though it might be about catering to their crazy international schedule. But for everyone fortunate enough to have their own private jet it brings freedom along with a lot of luxury. Imagine being able to fly anywhere in the world whenever you want, there’s no denying how life changing that is. Whether you’re sipping champagne and making a party of it or sleeping the whole flight it is surely the coolest way to travel.Island Hopping By Yachts

If we are talking about Superyachts then you are going to be living in paradise inside and out. Your chef on board will likely prepare your food and your crew will take care of everything for you while you sit back and relax. However, the beauty of sailing can actually be the experience itself and you don’t need to be a multimillionaire to enjoy the experience of island hopping in a yacht.

This is definitely one of the coolest ways to travel and something you can enjoy without evening owning a yacht. It is possible to lease a luxury boat with your friends and to enjoy sailing around Europe/ Those traveling the Mediterranean should strongly consider leasing a yacht. Vyra offers a large selection of yacht charters in for Greece, Croatia, Spain, Italy, France & Turkey.

Luxury Cruise Ships

The Caribbean comes to mind when I think of cruise ships. But the truth is you can travel all over the world with a cruise. The great thing about cruises though is that everything is taken care of for you. Your accommodation, your stops, your tours, your food. For people looking to relax cruise ships are a pretty amazing way to travel.

Modern Cruise ships also very luxurious, with swimming pools, cinemas and everything you could possibly imagine. While Cruises can be particularly important for those with poor accessibility the luxuriousness of cruises and the feeling of living at sea make cruising an awesome way to travel for many people.

By Helicopter

Helicopters allow us to access places that we wouldn’t necessarily be able to otherwise. Now that is pretty awesome itself. Whether it’s a tour over the Grand Canyon or someone landing on the helipad of a luxury hotel, this is an awesome way to travel. Unlike a plane, you are far more in touch with the surroundings around you. Traveling by helicopter not only gets you from A-B but offers you an adrenaline filled experience.


If this list was simply ‘the most luxurious’ ways to travel then, of course, a CamperVan wouldn’t be in there, however traveling via campervan can be a pretty cool way to travel.

While the other ways on the list are far more luxurious you don’t need to live in luxury to enjoy your life. The beauty of living in a Campervan is your freedom. It is very easy to get close to nature, traveling in this way and being able to live self-sufficiently on the move can open you up to some really cool experiences. Campervans are cool and they deserve a place on this list!

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