Top Beach and Water Activities in Cyprus

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Between the east and the west and the Muslim and Christians, Cyprus has a culturally long and diverse history. The small island is blessed with a rugged landscape. The monasteries, vineyards, and villages are very pretty. There are many ancient historic and archeological wonders. But what attracts most visitors to the island are its 160 beaches, many of which are quite stunning.

Cyprus has a land area of just 9251 square kilometers. But there are so many beautiful beaches waiting to be explored that you cannot possibly see them all in one visit. Nissi Beach, Fig Tree Bay, Coral Bay are all fantastic. Then there is the Mediterranean Sea all around and the many activities you can do on the water. Don’t forget that if you are from another country and hitting the road of Cyprus then you need to get an International Driver’s Permit (IDP).

Here are some of the best beach and water activities to enjoy on the island:


  1. Sailing

Go on a half-day or full-day boat trip from the beautiful Kyrenia Harbor in North Cyprus or from the Aiya Napa Harbor in the south. There are marinas elsewhere on the island too. You will get stunning views of the rugged coastline and the beaches, bays, and the hidden coves. For a unique experience, sail on a Turkish Gulet. These are traditional two-masted or three-masted wooden sailing boats. Lunch is usually included in these trips. You can also go on a fishing trip on the Mediterranean.


  1. Diving

Dive into the Mediterranean. You have the chance to see many marine species, octopus, sea turtles, and of course, beautiful corals. The water is clean with high visibility. George’s Wall, the Zenobia wreck, Lady Thetis, Devil’s Head, Green Bay, and Amphora Caves are all fantastic diving spots. There are many sea caves, sunken boats, sea planes to explore. You can even see underwater columns and statues at Green Bay. Many luxury villas in Cyprus rent diving equipment and even organize diving trips.


  1. Relax on the Beach

Most popular beaches are lined with loungers. All you have to do is just get one and lay back for the most relaxing vacation. The blue turquoise water will be right in front of you. Spend long hours on the lounger to get that perfect tan. Or you can head to one of the smaller bays or coves for your more intimate and private beach time.

There are many fun water activities as well if you are interested, especially in the more popular beaches.


  1. Parasailing

There is parasailing at all the major tourist areas – Paphos, Aiya Napa, Larnaca, and Protaras. Fly above the sea. All you need is a motorboat, hawser, and a parachute. You can do it alone or with a partner. An instructor will tell you about the basic precautions and will keep you safe. Feel the adrenalin rush while you are in the air. Plus, you will also get fantastic views of the sea and the coast.

  1. Wakeboarding, Water Skiing

Even 5-year old kids can enjoy water skiing with the help of a special platform. Adults and kids can both try wakeboarding and water skiing in Cyprus. A trainer will first help you learn how to get up and find balance on a wakeboard. As you improve, the trainer will show you how to do the turns and jumps. The motorboat will stop immediately if you fall and start again when you are ready to proceed.


  1. Speed Boats, Banana Boats

These are common watersport activities on the beach throughout the world. You can book them at the beach or through luxury villas for rent. Typically, you share the boat with other riders for a fun ride. They are extremely safe, but do make sure that you wear a life jacket at all times.


  1. Kayaking

Cyprus is perfect for canoeing and kayaking. Rent a kayak and reach closer to the rugged coastline. Take a closer look for a different perspective from the sea. You can also enter the many sea caves on the island and reach remote and isolated coves. Travel in a relaxed speed with time for snorkeling or swimming. You can go on a half-day kayaking trip or a sunset trip.

The Mediterranean’s third largest island, Cyprus is a fantastic destination to visit. There are forested hills, beautiful villages, rich history, fine-dining, village tavernas, beautiful beaches, and many water activities to choose from.

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