Top Reasons Why You Should travel to Hong Kong

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Assuming you have never been to Hong Kong before, you could be wondering what’s so special with this bustling city. You probably have very many questions ringing in your mind. For instance:

– Is Hong Kong overrated?
– How much would it cost me to visit Hong Kong?
– Should I visit now or later?
– What will I do or see in Hong Kong? Etc.

Getting the right answer to these questions may be hard on your own; however, not anymore with the help of this guide. Here we will discuss some convincing reasons why you should travel to Hong Kong, China. We will also talk about the things you will see and some activities you should engage in amid your trip to Hong Kong.

Top Reasons Why You Should Travel to Hong Kong, China At least Once In Life.


  1. Hong Kong is Family-Friendly

Do you have kids and want to travel with them? Well, Hong Kong is the right place to tour with them. Here you will discover very many sorts of activities meant to keep your kids entertained. For instance, you can go to any distinctive parks, nature reserves, or museums and discover some breathtaking activities for kids. You can also allow them to enjoy boat rides as you try fishing at the various fishing villages in Hong Kong.

There are countless movie theatres in Hong Kong, China. You can go there whenever you feel bored or overwhelmed in the streets. You kids will thank you if you let them meet a fun cartoon character in Disneyland.


  1. Colorful Nightlife

Hong Kong does not feature daytime fun only. Rather, it also features fun nights that you should not afford to miss. Take your kids to sleep and join your class at any of the various pubs and bars. Grab your favourite drinks or engage in any other fun that pleases you.

Most pubs and bars in Hong Kong operate full time, and so you can have as much fun as you’d like. Some of the notable bars and pubs in Hong Kong include Wan Chai, Tsim Sha Tsui, and Lai Kwai Fong. They also play live music on weekends, so if you don’t like taking adult or soft beverages, then you can dance till late.


  1. Dine in Hong Kong Restaurants

Have you ever had a good chance to try out as many Chinese meals and delicacies as you’d like? If you never had, visiting Hong Kong presents the best opportunity to do so. There are countless big-name hotels and restaurants here in Hong Kong; hence finding a good one will be pretty straightforward.

Enjoy dishing the local seafood and dim sum at any of the café you wish. You will appreciate that Hong Kong delicacy is palatable, and everyone deserves a taste. Other than the local dishes, you can taste authentic cuisine from Thailand, India, Africa, Japan, and Korea, among others. There are also several classic western restaurants in Hong Kong where you can enjoy the dishes you do at home.


  1. Catch Up with Popular Sport Events

There are very many world-class sporting events taking place in Hong Kong throughout the year. It’s the right destination for sports lovers looking for a place to witness live sporting events. Watching world-class stars in action is something you will probably never forget.

If you have a camera, you can record such fantastic moments. Some of the sporting events you should yearn to witness include; Hong Kong Rugby Seven, International Dragon Boat Race, Hong Kong Tennis, etc.

There is also horse racing; however, this one is not too popular locally as it is internationally. The racing session begins in September and runs up to July. You can attend different racecourses such as Sha Tin Racecourse and Happy valley Racecourse to witness all this fun.


  1. Exploring the Surrounding Islands

Hong Kong is surrounded by a few but notable islands that have a lot to offer to any visitor. These islands are readily accessible through regular ferries from Central Pier. Some islands you should step your foot in include; Lantau, Cheung Chau, Lamma, among many others. Once you go to these islands, you will discover more to explore than you can exhaust. Talk of tasting the seafood, hiking trails, relaxing beaches, street cafes, cool boutiques, movie theatres, etc. If you made your visit to Hong Kong during the summer months, you could afford to ignore these islands.


  1. Learn and Appreciate Culture

If you haven’t met the Chinese people before or have not met them in their home, visiting Hong Kong will give you a different experience. You will be in a position to socialize with the Chinese residents living in Hong Kong. You will learn their way of life and interact with them freely as you’d like. Generally, Hong Kong residents are very welcoming and friendly. They appreciate visitors from any part of the world. You will be treated as if you are within your hometown.

The city is also safe to tour. It does not matter whether you are taking a guided tour or do it on your own; explore around confidently without any fear. You will encounter locals holding their phones freely. This should give you confidence that nobody will rob your belongings. Don’t, however, be reckless.


  1. Almost Everything in Hong Kong, China is Affordable

If you feared to tour Hong China simply because you are on a budget, you got to know the truth now. Life in Hong Kong is relatively cheaper, and even individuals on a budget can survive here. Although some hotels and restaurants can be expensive, several others will be readily affordable.

When visiting Hong Kong, you simply need to do your math in advance. This will involve estimating the amount you are likely to spend during your stay in Hong Kong. If you are on a budget, simply schedule your visit to last only for a few days – you will return later when you have accumulated enough cash to spend.



Hong Kong is more than you think. It’s even more than words can paint it. The best way to experience Hong Kong and its ways of life is to visit the city. Don’t wait until it’s too late, do it now

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