Why Is Singapore Heaven For Digital Nomads?

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Being a digital nomad means, in theory, that you can work from anywhere in the world. You could call a sandy beach under a palm tree your home office, and start each day with a healthy fruit juice served in a half coconut shell. In reality, some places are better suited for digital nomads. 

When you rely on digital technology to manage your work and livelihood, the remote beach location can become problematic. If you are still wondering where to start your journey as a nomadic professional, this brief overview of Singapore can convince you to make the Lion City your home office for a while. Indeed, Singapore is praised by digital nomads for its unique qualities and settings, combining the best of the exploration and digital worlds. 

Luxury accommodation

Compared to other Asian countries, the cost of housing rental in Singapore is significantly more expensive. But don’t let it discourage you. While properties can be on the pricey side, you are likely to find superb living conditions for your room rental in Singapore. As a digital nomad, you will need to prepare for the cost of living, which means that it can help save money to afford your first few months. However, accommodations in Singapore provide high security and safety levels, making them ideal even for solo women travelers. You are typically guaranteed to enjoy some of the latest conveniences at home and the city’s amazing views. The major part of the population lives in HDB apartments, government housing places exquisitely maintained with all the latest appliances and commodity services. 

More and more digital work available

Singapore has always been a digitally-friendly place. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has encouraged the rise of remote work positions. Employees have primarily chosen to stay at home until the situation is safe to commute again. As a result, Singapore-based businesses are more open to hiring remote workers, either temporarily or for a gig. Additionally, as a digital nomad, you could find a long-lasting position at a company in Singapore, and yet carry on traveling when you’re ready to explore other countries. Their talent pool becomes not only flexible, but it also expands to the global realm. Additionally, even outside of the country, businesses are considering the financial advantage of remote workers, as they could save money on tax, employee maintenance, and office designs. 

Digital nomad in Singapore

A safe location all the time

Visiting a foreign country is exciting. However, when you’re traveling alone, it can be daunting to explore unknown locations. As a digital nomad, the last thing you want is to worry about losing your work equipment – laptop and other tools. Singapore is one of the safest locations in the world with a low crime rate. In fact, the island nation has so few criminals that one of the busiest Starbucks centers there doesn’t even use a door to shut the store. Instead, the employees place a rope across the entrance to indicate that the store is closed. Despite merchandise remaining easily accessible, Starbucks barely records any theft. 

A perfect platform to visit other countries

The advantage of being a digital nomad is that you can combine traveling and working. Singapore is the ideal travel platform to visit the rest of South Asia. You are only one hour away by plane from Malaysia, making Kuala Lumpur the perfect weekend getaway break! If you are willing to double your flying time, you can easily reach Thailand and Indonesia, as Bangkok and Jakarta airports are a mere two-hour trip away from Singapore. If you want to reach out to other Asian locations, Shanghai is under five hours away by plane, making China an accessible trip for an extended holiday. 

Exploring collaborative coworking spaces

Singapore provides excellent Internet connection across the city, making it a fantastic location for digital nomads. You can easily set your home office in your accommodation as you’re guaranteed to have a quick broadband connection. However, if you’re feeling lonely and would rather sit among people, there are many options in town. Singapore has a lot of coworking spaces that welcome digital nomads, freelancers, and other remote professionals. If you enjoy a collaborative environment, you can join a coworking space to meet other professionals and build a network. However, if you prefer a more lively environment, many cafés are set up with free Wi-Fi for workers. D Good Café in Bukit Timah district creates a diverse space to accommodate different working styles. Wine and Chef, a wine bar at night in Outram, welcomes freelancers for work and coffee during the daytime. With plenty of options available, you can work in a different spot every day! 

Is Singapore the digital hotspot of your nomadic dreams? The country has plenty to offer to digital professionals, from amazing locations to luxurious services. The only thing to bear in mind is that you’ll have a lot of competition from other digital nomads! 

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