Why You Should Consider a Walking Vacation

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There are plenty of ways to explore the world. You can travel around via plane, or drive through a country on an epic road trip. One popular way to travel is by foot. It’s the oldest method of transportation and, believe it or not, it still works just fine.

Walking vacations are popular in places like the UK, but you can walk just about anywhere with the right preparations. Here’s why you should consider it.

Health Benefits of Hiking

Hiking is fantastically good for you, especially if you plan on a long-form hiking vacation where you’re constantly on the move. With this in mind, if you hope to tackle a major hike like the Appalachian Trail, then you should train and build up your strength first.

The health benefits of hiking include:

If you want to live a healthier lifestyle, then hiking is a great way to get into it. Hiking is also an easy exercise to get into, as you can start as slowly as you like. It’s also an outdoor activity, so you get the benefits of being outside as well as exercise.

Best Way to Explore

Hiking is one of the best ways to explore an area, as you get to see all the natural beauty from close up. You can hike in all kinds of environments and biomes, meaning that you can experience the world as it was supposed to be enjoyed.

On a coastal hike, you can see the majesty of the oceans, dramatic cliffs, and stunning sandy beaches. In the woods, you can see a huge variety of unique plants and animals and experience a different kind of life. Up hills and mountains, you can see miles of beautiful views.

In a car, you’re traveling too quickly to really soak it in. You’re also sealed away, so you don’t get the scents and smells of nature. Not only that, but you’re stuck to the road. Some of the most stunning scenery is away from the road, where you can only reach on foot.

Travel Alone or in a Group

Hiking vacations are also really flexible. Some people like to travel as a group, so they get to enjou the hiking experience together and socialize while they’re out there. If you plan on this, then make sure that the hike is suitable for everyone there. You will all be traveling at the same speed as the slowest person, so everybody should be prepared.

But many people prefer hiking alone. This way, you get to truly soak in everything that you’re experiencing. You can also set your own pace, without feeling pressured by anyone else.

No matter what you plan, make sure that you know what you’re getting yourself into. Read the advice of experienced hikers like Brian McPeek so that you can avoid any major mistakes and enjoy your trip.

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