Digital Nomad CourseHow to become location independent

How to be a digital nomadIf you’re like most folks in the world today, you’ve been working for years to make ends meet—faithfully going to work and going through the motions to support yourself, maybe your family, and probably to pay-off debts.

Some days you probably wonder,

“Whatever happened to my dreams? Am I ever going to get to see the places I’ve read about and longed to visit?”

We know how that feels. It’s what motivated us to create the NuNomad course just for you.

You can change your life, work the hours that YOU want. Create meaningful products and services that millions of people want.

These aren’t just dreams, we’ve seen this in action countless times.


Table of contents

  1. What you get in the NuNomad Course
  2. A How To Guide To Being A Digital Nomad
  3. Why take the course?

What you get in the NuNomad Course

A How To Guide To Being A Digital Nomad

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last minute vacation tipsUp until recently, the words “work” and “travel” were about as complementary as “timecard” and “boarding pass”.

Traditionally, you went to work and if you did it long enough and well enough— that is, to bank some savings and vacation time—you might get lucky and earn the means to travel.

After a brief holiday, with your savings usually greatly depleted, you went back to the same old grind. Luckily, times have changed.

The NuNomad is a “how-to” manual for those who are serious about breaking out of the rat race and into the world. This resource includes information on all vital aspects of designing a location-independent lifestyle. Sections include:

Why take the course?

Moving houseThere are a couple of reasons why we’ve created this course.

We, as well as most of our friends and associates, are travel junkies. Moreover, we’ve lived that other life—so many hours working, so few hours traveling, so few hours enjoying life.

And, like you, we’ve asked ourselves, “What’s wrong with this picture?” Well, we’ve found a way to integrate travel with our various professions, reducing our total work week and getting more out of life in the bargain.

Fewer work hours. Environments of our own choosing. More money in the bank. That’s why we do what we do.

We know first-hand how difficult it is to leave your life as you know it behind, and take the leap from the 9 to 5 grind to a NuNomad lifestyle.

Taking even a month-long vacation is not easy and preparing for a six-month—or longer— trip can be daunting, let alone trying to incorporate work into the mix. However, through this course, you can benefit from our experience, as well as that of other NuNomads.

We are living proof that you can make your dream a reality, and do it without unnecessary aggravation.

So if you’re ready for a change is scenery—a change in life—let The NuNomad be your guide.

Download the PDF version – includes additional worksheets and links – Get the PDF E-Book Course now