Living the lifestyle of a digital nomad – someone who is constantly travelling from one place to another and makes their income on the go, usually through the internet – can either be stressful and hectic or free-flowing and enjoyable. Sometimes, it’s a bit of both. However, with some effort and a different approach, it’s possible to minimize the hassle and maximize the positive memories made. After all, life is what you make it to be, and just because you’re on the move doesn’t mean you can’t be thoroughly entertained in the process. In fact, many people who are tethered to their everyday jobs and lifestyles would love to be able to come and go as they please. That being said, here are 7 ways you can start making your life as a digital nomad way more fun than it already is:

Rent an RV

If you’re like most digital nomads, you probably operate out of a van, station wagon, SUV, or a fifth wheel camper. These are all great options for the long-term because they’re very mobile and you can go just about anywhere with them. However, if you really want to up the fun and treat yourself to a nice vacation, consider renting an RV for your next big trip. You may think rv rentals are outside of your budget, but you can actually find some great daily rates by looking into RV relocation deals or by renting directly from an RV owner instead of a major rental company.

Visit Beaches and National Parks

If you haven’t been travelling along the coasts and visiting beaches, you’re missing out on some of the most serene scenery and peaceful environments you’ll find. There’s nothing like sinking your toes into the sand while you hammer away at a project on your laptop. Of course, don’t forget to bring an anti-glare screen and/or a shade umbrella so that you’ll be able to work without squinting at your device’s display. Likewise, if you’ve been opting for parking lots and organized playgrounds instead of wilderness parks, you’ve been missing out on the best kind of camping there is.

Upgrade Your Nomadic Income

If you’re not making enough money to really enjoy all of the places you’re visiting, that can be a horrible feeling. On the same token, if you’re spending most of your time working to cover expenses and are left with very little free time and energy to actually enjoy yourself, that could also be dragging you down. Consider making an effort to upgrade your job by looking for a better paying position or trying harder with your client solicitation efforts.

Use a Calendar to Plan Special Events and Trips

Every digital nomad needs to have a calendar they use to keep track of all the upcoming events and locations they’re going to be seeing. While spontaneity can be great, you need to at least structure the main direction of your travels around a set plan to avoid hassles and ensure a smooth experience at every destination. Try to make a list of dining options, hospitality venues, campsites, attractions, and other spots you want to check out upon arrival. Plus, by keeping everything written down and associated with exact dates and times, you can make sure you don’t accidentally overlook or forget to do things that you had planned.

Get a Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot

You would think that using a portable Wi-Fi hotspot is something that most digital nomads are already doing, but that’s not the case. With Wi-Fi hotspots being so widely available, many of us just resort to grabbing our pages and data from public connections at places like Starbucks and McDonalds. While that’s certainly a nifty way to save money, it’s not very practical if you’re trying to have as much fun as possible. Obviously, you don’t want to be tethered to coffee shops and restaurants any time you need to access the internet. If splurging on a portable hotspot doesn’t seem like something you’d want to do, try to set up data tethering on your smartphone instead.

Make Friends in Each Area You Visit

Travelling around the country and watching people pass you by without interacting with any of them can eventually become quite depressing. Plus, if you’re a serious digital nomad, then chances are you’ll eventually be coming back to the place you’re currently visiting, so it would be nice to have someone to look forward to seeing when you do. You can use Facebook and other social sites to set up rendezvous and meetups with like-minded individuals or even try your hand at the dating game with a few dating apps. Ultimately, meeting and interacting with other people is a sure-fire way to make your travels more fun.

Map Out the Best Parking and Camping Destinations

If you’ve just been settling for any pull-offs or parking lots you can find close to the highway, your life as a digital nomad has probably been quite dim thus far. Taking the time to find the area’s nicest, cheap camping destinations before you arrive can be worth the extra expense in gas and time, especially if your goal is to have a more enjoyable and relaxing time during your stay. Even if you use an app to find the nearest rest stop, that would be better than parking in random store parking lots, where you might be bothered by security or have a hard time finding a large enough park space for your vehicle.

A Bit of Planning Can Go a Long Way for a Digital Nomad

If you really want to reduce hassle when you’re out on the open road, it’s best to plan everything ahead of time. Unexpected surprises can lead to very stressful situations and unnecessary emergencies. With a detailed itinerary already mapped out, you can feel confident because you’ll know exactly where you’re heading and what you’re going to do when you get there. Plus, if you’re working a freelance job that requires you to manage your hours properly, having a planned trip schedule will help you make the most out of your free time.

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